Pet Surveillance: What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

Pet Surveillance

Do you ever wonder what your four-legged friends get up to when you’re not at home? Whether you have a dog, a cat, or one of each, it’s impossible to know what goes one when you’re not home unless you have a high-quality camera installed. Pet surveillance cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years as the price of the technology goes down and pet owners become more interested in enriching their animals’ lives. Before you buy a doggy cam, here are  few thing you need to know:

1. Your dog doesn’t care if you’re watching them. There’s no need to go stealth-mode when placing the camera. Don’t hide it in a teddy bear, and don’t try to position it behind a plant. Put it wherever you can get the best view of the room and make sure it’s well out of reach of your dog. There’s nothing worse than a beloved pet destroying your brand new equipment!

2. Quality matters. A better quality camera will make it easier to tell if your dog is chewing on his favorite toy or your favorite pair of shoes. Besides, a high-quality pet camera can be used down the road to keep an eye on a nanny, a dog walker or even aging parents, so you can be sure it’s worth buying a decent model.

3. Your pet will do really strange things. It’s not uncommon for dog owners to rush home the first day they setup a camera because they see their pet acting strangely. Maybe they jump on the furniture. Maybe they bark non-stop. Maybe they seem to be terrified. Whatever the behavior is, it’s probably not as strange as you think it is. Like children, pets behave completely differently when “mum or dad” aren’t around. Give it a few days to determine what’s “normal” before you go rushing home to see what’s wrong.

4. Your dog might want to see you too. Pet surveillance cameras have come a long way. Some cameras allow you to watch your dog and for them to watch you too, while other cameras let you interact with your pup by talking to him over the monitor. For pets with anxiety, any type of camera that allows them to see your face can help calm them down and offer the reassurance they need. These types of cameras can help deter nervous behaviors, giving your dog the reassurance they need that you’ll be coming home.

5.) You’ll probably utilise pet surveillance more than you think. This isn’t a bad thing. Once you have your camera setup, you’ll more than likely wonder how you ever lived without it! What’s more, your pet cam can also double up as a home surveillance device for remote monitoring of your property. What a bargain!

If you’re a nervous pet owner or have a pet that seems to have a hard time coping with you not being home, a pet surveillance camera can be just what you need. With so many cameras available today, it’s easier than ever to find the right pet surveillance camera for your needs.

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