The Benefits of Using a Dash Cam in Your Car

Dash Cam

The world is changing and in today’s tech-savvy universe, more and more people are adapting the, “pictures or it didn’t happen” mentality. Protect yourself from any number of potential pitfalls by using a dash cam in your car to keep a visual record of your daily drive. In the event that you’re ever pulled over or involved in an accident, you’ll have recorded evidence of what really happened. Still on the fence? Check out these benefits of using a dash cam in your car and then decide if it’s an investment that’s worthwhile.

Car Accidents

Getting into a car accident is never fun and often times it’s hard to remember the details once the dust has settled. Did the other driver stop at that sign? Were they speeding? Could you have seen them coming? If nobody is seriously injured, an accident often turns into a blame game. Instead of letting your insurance provider or the local police try to determine what happened at a crash they didn’t witness, footage from a dash cam can be used to see what really happened. This will help prevent you from being at fault for an accident you didn’t cause and couldn’t avoid.

Your car doesn’t have to be moving to be involved in a car accident. Multi-story car parks are some of the most dangerous places to leave your car parked, but they’re often unavoidable if you live or work in a city. Keep your dash cam running when your car is parked and you’ll never wonder where the dent on your bonnet came from.

What’s more some insurance providers will even offer you a discounted premium if you have a dash cam installed in your car.

Fighting Tickets

Getting pulled over is never fun, but getting a ticket for something you didn’t do is even worse. A dash cam can be your best ally for fighting tickets in court, especially if there were extenuating circumstances. For example, say you were caught for changing lanes without using a signal. Was there a reason? If your dash cam footage captures an animal running into the road or a massive pothole, the odds are good that you can get the ticket dismissed. Perhaps you were nabbed for speeding? If you were just going with the flow of traffic, you might be able to get your ticket reduced or thrown out all together.

Documenting Trips

If you’re planning a long road-trip, a dash cam is a must. Leave the camera rolling to capture unusual sights along the way, extreme weather or other unexpected things you’d never be able to capture in time using a regular camera. You can even turn the dash cam around to record your car-ride antics — road-trip karaoke, anyone? If you’re the type to take a selfie at every significant sign you see, you can even use your dash cam to do the photography work for you instead of asking a stranger to take your picture. You never know what you’ll see when you travel by car, so keep the camera rolling and get it all on tape.

A dash cam is one of the best investments you can make. From protecting yourself to documenting your daily adventures, the versatile in-vehicle devices will catch it all with ease. With dozens of different cameras on the market to choose from, there’s a camera for every budget and every need.

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