Geo-Fencing For Your Children’s Safety

Kids today are more connected than ever and while the internet is often viewed as a dangerous thing, it can also help kids stay safe. How? Through the use of geo-fencing. In case you haven’t heard of it, geo-fencing creates a virtual boundary that is set up around a real-world location on a map. The boundary is linked electronically to a geo-fencing device through the use of an app. When the individual in possession of the linked device crosses the boundary, a notification is sent to the person that established the boundary, alerting them in an instant that the boundary has been breached.

So how can this help parents keep their kids safe? Well, let’s say you have a 12-year-old with a who makes their own way to school every day. By providing your child with a geo-fence enabled tracking device, or hiding one in their bag, you can establish a boundary around your house, you can be alerted when your child leaves for school and when they return. If you live near the school and your child walks, you can set the boundary to encompass their route to school and get alerts if they stray off the path. Geo-fencing essentially allows you to keep tabs on your child’s approximate location at all times. The child will feel a sense of freedom and the parent will feel secure knowing their child is where they should be.

In the event that something goes wrong and the geo-fence is breeched, the parent will be notified instantly, allowing them to take immediate action to locate the child and confirm that everything is okay. In situations like kidnappings where every moment counts, the instant notification can mean the difference between being reunited with the child and never seeing them again.

In today’s tech-enhanced world, it’s more important than ever for parents to use every tool available to them to keep their kids safe. Geo-fencing is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools parents have to keep their kids safe. Geo-fencing is a great way to give your child privacy and independence while still establishing boundaries, both physical and virtual.

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