How to Catch a Cheating Partner

I Spy Gadgets

You’ve seen the signs and your mind has put the pieces together — you think your partner is cheating. Now what? You can confront them, but what if they lie? Or maybe you’ve already confronted them and they’ve tried to turn the situation around on you, calling you paranoid and crazy. If you’re convinced that your partner is cheating, the next step is to gather proof so you can either confront them or get a favorable settlement if the marriage can’t be saved. Read on to learn how to catch a cheating partner without hiring an expensive private eye.

Hidden Cameras

Your partner isn’t going to flaunt their cheating ways (we hope), so you’ll need eyes on the inside when you can’t be home. The best way to monitor what goes on when you’re not there is by setting up a hidden camera. While one camera in the hallway can indicate whether or not your partner is having special visitors over, one in the bedroom can catch the duo in the act and provide the evidence you need. If funds allow, multiple hidden cameras can catch all of the activity from a variety of angles for a full picture of what’s going on.

When choosing a hidden camera, you’ve basically got two options: a small device that can be hidden or a larger camera that’s disguised to look like an everyday object. Look around your home, see where you would like to place the cameras and then choose the type that best works for your situation. You may find that a small hidden camera in the living room works fine, but one disguised as a photo frame might work better in the bedroom to cover all of the angles.

Audio Recorders

If your budget doesn’t allow for a hidden camera, or if you don’t actually want to see the gory details, an audio recorder can be a great option for getting the proof you need. Best of all, they’re easier to hide than cameras and an audio recorder placed under a coffee table or chair can catch full conversations with very little risk of being discovered. When placing your audio recorder, remember that the clearer the path between the recorder and the target, the better the chance of picking up the conversation. Make sure to test your placement to make sure the recorder is in a good place.

Spy cameras and audio recorders are your best choices for catching cheating partners. Technological advances have made the devices smaller and more affordable than ever, meaning catching a cheating partner has become easier than ever. If you’re suspicious of a loved one’s activities when you’re not around, install a camera or audio recorder from  I Spy Gadgets and get the proof you need to end the uncertainty.

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