Keep tabs on the things that mean the most to you with a discreet GPS tracking device from I Spy Gadgets. We supply concealable GPS tracking devices that can be used to keep an eye on children, pets, vehicles and more. These small tracking devices are easy to use and will help you to pinpoint the location of your kids, pets or vehicles in seconds. Watch your child walk to school on a map or quickly locate a vehicle that has been stolen. With a hidden GPS tracking device, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can locate anyone or anything in an instant.

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Kids Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking devices for children are usually designed to be worn. They can be sewn into a piece of clothing or worn like a watch. The small devices are always-on, constantly sending signals from the wearer to a satellite, which translates that information into a location on a map. Using an app, parents or caregivers can access location information in an instant, getting real-time updates on the child’s location.

Hide a tracker in your child’s backpack to make sure they get to school safely, or, if you have an autistic child, you could give them a smart tracking watch so that you are able to track them, should they run away or get lost. In the worst-case scenario, a tracking device could also be used to recover a child who has been kidnapped or gone missing.

Pet Tracking Devices

In recent years, microchipping your pet has become common. The chip contains the name and phone number of the owner, helping reunite lost pets with their parents. Pet tracking provide some of these benefits without the invasion of surgery, allowing owners to digitally track their companions, showing up-to-date location information as their pets are on the move. This type of tracking information allows for faster recoveries and can even be used to prevent lost pets by alerting owners when their animals leave the confines of their gardens.

Pet GPS tracking devices are made to attach to a collar. They are small and lightweight and won’t interfere with other tags, licenses or devices. The trackers are waterproof and durable, so your adorable pup won’t be able to damage the tracking device.

VEHICLE Tracking Devices

With vehicle thefts on the rise in some areas, owners are looking for creative ways to recover their cars before it’s too late. GPS Tracking devices for vehicles make it easy to keep track of your car, with real-time updates as the vehicle travels. The devices can even be used to keep tabs on young drivers, spouses or employees. Some trackers are also able to transmit speed information, giving employers and parents a head’s up on potentially dangerous driving habits.

Shop with I Spy Gadgets for the best selection of tracking devices on the market. We carry small, affordable trackers for every need so you can keep tabs on the things that matter the most to you. Order your trackers today to take advantage of our low prices and fast shipping.


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